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國際事務與學術合作辦公室Office of International Programs and Exchange
~ ~ 歡迎來到國立清華大學南大校區國際事務與學術合作辦公室 ~ ~
Life at NHCUE
VISA & ARC & Re-entry Permit
Foreign students enrolling in NHCUE should apply for resident visas for entering Taiwan. (Resident Visa: foreign nationals who intent to stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months should apply for resident visas).
Resident Visa holders are required to apply for Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) within 15 days after arrival. Foreign students who have entered with Visitor Visas need to change the Visitor Visas into Resident Visa before getting an Alien Resident Certificate.
Documents Required for Resident Visa Application
*Passport with at least 6-month validation
*2 passport-size bust photos glued to visa application form
*Original study permit
*Other relevant documents
*The satisfactory health examination report
The undertaking unit: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Documents Required for Alien Resident Certificates
*One ARC application form
*Original and one copy of passport and Resident Visa (The original will be returned after verification)
*2 passport-size bust photos
*Original and one copy of student ID card
*Fee: foreign student NTD1000 /overseas Chinese student NTD500
The undertaking unit: National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior
Application for Alien Resident Certificate Extension
If the ARC holders are eligible to stay in Taiwan longer than ARC expiration date, they should apply for ARC extension within 30 days of its expiration.
Re-entry Permit
Except for foreign workers and overseas Chinese students, foreign nationals can simultaneously apply for re-entry permit when applying for an ARC. Re-entry permit should be applied and obtained before departing the country.
Foreign students have priority to stay in campus dormitories. Our non-code dormitories are furnished, without mattress or bedding.
For more information about accommodation, please refer to Office of Student Affairs.
Tel:+886-3-5213132 extension 4700, 4701, 4600, and 1405
NHCUE has an on-campus cafeteria, which is located in the first floor of the second center of student activities. There are various food vendors along the Nan-da Road outside the university as well. Foreign students can enjoy food both on and off campus.
Overseas Chinese and foreign students who hold valid ARCs for over 4 months are eligible for an required to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) program. The premium of NHI is NTD 749 per month. Foreign students have to pay full expenses, overseas Chinese students have to pay NTD 374 and the rest is subsidized by Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC).
Overseas Chinese and foreign students should take careful note that after completing registration at the university and receiving their ARC, there's a four-month waiting period before they can participate in National Health Insurance coverage.  During this four-month time, international students need to get insurance coverage for foreign nationals at the Office of International Programs.
The foreign students’ health insurance is NT$2,000 for the four-month time. The Overseas Chinese students’ health insurance is NT$425 for the four-month time.
Documents required for a National Health Card
*One completed application form
*Photocopy of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) (1 copy, including both the front and back sides)
*Two-inch photo (1 copy)
The undertaking unit:
Bureau of National Health Insurance, Department of Health
Laws regarding National Health Insurance (in Chinese)
Work Permit
Students must have a “Work Permit” to take an off-campus and on-campus part-time job. The maximum of work hours is 16 hours per week.
Documents required for a Work Permit
*One application form
*Photocopy (front and back) of Student ID
*Photocopy of valid Passport
*Photocopy (front and back) of Residence Permit
*A copy of letter from NHCUE affirming that the university consents to the student obtaining a Work Permit (for International Students)
*Transcripts from: the previous semester for Overseas Chinese Students or the previous 2 semesters for International Students
*Receipt for payment of Application Fee (original copy)
The undertaking unit:
Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training
If any emergency occurs outside the campus, please call the police 110 or Bureau of Fire 119 for the immediate help.  You can also seek help on campus for emergencies:
Campus security emergency line: +886-0911-799-474
The Section of Life Guidance: +886-3-5213132 extension 4200
Sex discrimination and Sex harassment complaints: +886-3-5213132 extension 1134
Overseas Chinese and Foreign Student Association (OCFSA)
The Overseas Chinese and Foreign Student Association give foreign students an opportunity to get together. Members are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan, etc. OCFSA is like a big family and members help and share life with each other. Students get together and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. All students and members can understand different cultures and customs through various activities.
*Guidelines of Scholarships for International Students in National Hsinchu University of Education
Tel:+886-3-5213132 extension 2300~2304
*The Scholarship for Overseas Students of Financial Difficulties (Provided by Ministry of Education)
       Tel: +886-3-5213132 extension 1135
*Guidelines of MOE Scholarships for International Students in National Hsinchu University of Education
 Website: /files/11-1037-8.php
 Tel: +886-3-5213132 extension 1135
*The Scholarships in National Hsinchu University of Education
Tel: +886-3-5213132 extension 4301